What Are the Links between Cricket and Nature?


The sport of cricket and nature are two things that go hand in hand. This has always been the case and it is something that will never change. Not now and not in the future. Here we will take a look at how the two things are interlinked.

The Bats Are Made Out of Wood

The aim of the game is to score more runs than your opponents. In order to score runs, the batsmen need to use a bat, a bat which is usually made out of fine English willow. There have been calls in the past for bats to be made out of another material due to the fact that trees have to be cut down in order to make them, but no other material has been found that does the same job.

Denis Lillee, a famous Australian bowler, once famously played against England using a bat made out of aluminium. There were no rules against this at the time, but England complained to the umpires that the delicate leather ball was being damaged by the metal bat. The umpires agreed and told Lillee to play with a wooden bat, but he refused to do so.


Lillee was only given a warning for this little stunt and after the sale of aluminium bats increased. However, the International Cricket Council, the council that governs the whole game, decided that the bat was not suitable for cricket as it does indeed damage the ball.

Bats are only allowed to be made out of wood and that is the way it is likely to remain for as long as the game of cricket exists. For as long as the game exists, there will also be people who bet on it. If you after some great betting tips, head on over to https://www.cricket-betting-tip.in.

Cricket Balls Are Made Using Leather

You cannot have a game of cricket without a ball and it just so happens that cricket balls contain leather. Most of the leather that is used comes from cows. This is the preferred leather as it is strong and lasts longer than leathers made from other hides. Cricket balls are put through a lot, so it is imperative that they are made using quality materials, so you don’t have to keep changing them ever ten overs because they have fallen apart.


There have been cries to swap to a ball that does not use animal hide, but these will never last as long as the types of balls that are used now, so it is something that is not likely to happen anytime soon.

The Game is Played in Nature

The game of cricket is played on a grass field that has a soil pitch in the middle that is 22 yards long. It would not be the same to play a game of cricket on a concrete patch. For starters, if you fall over or dive to take a stunning catch, you are going to get pretty hurt. Furthermore, it would be basically impossible for the bowlers to get a batsman out as there would be no variable bounce, no swing or seam movement, and no spin. The truth of the matter is that cricket is an outdoor sport that is best played on a luscious grassy outfield.

So, even if in the future they did decide to get rid of wooden bats for aluminium ones and they decided to start making non-leather balls, cricket would still be tied to nature because it will always be played on grassy outfields. Cricket and nature have a relationship that will exist so long as there are people around the world playing this wonderful sport.